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Custom advantage               JETOSH is not only customized, but also is intelligent program expert.
Design R & D capability

JETOSH harness factory's pursuit is: to become a smart connection program experts.

Lean production capacity

The core of lean production: to determine the production goals, to develop production plans, rapid production and processing, remove all unnecessary waste.

Engineering skills

JETOSH engineers are not only professional in the principle of wire harness processing, but also in the equipment manufacturers factory received professional training!

Service for many different industries                    
    Electonic Industry 
    Industrial Robot industry 
    Smart home industry 
    Security industry 
    Automotive vichel industry 
    Financial industry  
    Medical Machine industry 
Service system capability

JETOSH wiring harness factory to establish a sound service system standards, with a complete service system process.

Customization process

                          We have strong sales & engineer teams to response to the customers.

Customization process

Custom center

Jetosh  invested many different machines ,such as the Machanical wire cutting machine ,the computer wire cutting machine,and the terminal crimping machine, the laser printer,the injection machine ,the automatic tying machine, the injecting Moulding machine ,and the eultrasonic welding equipment ,the automatic heat shrinkable tube machine etc .

Jetosh wire harness & cable assembly products used for many different industries,such as the industrial machinery&equipment ,the medical machine ,the Financial machine ,the smart home, the security product,the motor vehicle products,the instument products etc and other electronic product.

Jetosh is an ISO9001 certification manufacturer also with the UL & IATF certification .

Jetosh also have many famous customers all of the world,we also have our branch company in HK and Canada 

We always have a meeting to introduce new projects before mass production and release drawing to customers of approval quickly.


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